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If you are struggling
with addiction,

you don't have to be alone in your journey to sobriety, peace, and balance.

Now serving

Substance Use Treatment

via Telehealth Sessions
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Meet Brenda


It is my goal to professionally assist people struggling with addiction and mental health issues to find hope and stability. By helping people understand addiction as a disease, I help them start making changes that last a lifetime.

I understand the affect this disease has on relationships and families. Most people do not recognize addiction as a disease and feel it is the choice of an individual to keep using drugs and alcohol.


When you are struggling with addiction and feel you just need to get stronger willpower to stay clean and sober, you end up beating yourself up which leads to shame and eventually your disease takes over again. I am here to help you understand your enemy and build a strategy against it. By the way, the enemy is not YOU, it's the genetics you inherited. This disease can be put into remission. I'm here to help.

You are not alone 


Your journey to this point in life probably

has not been easy but you are worth

the effort of recovery.

I will help you find the tools you need to stay sober so you have hope.

You do not have to be alone on this journey.

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Individual Counseling

for adults 18 to 80+ years old

Now offering In-person and Telehealth Sessions!


Individual counseling

Individual sessions are important in your recovery. It is a time for you to process thoughts and feelings, as well as, a time to review steps you are taking in your recovery. I will work with you to individualize a plan based on your learning style and personality that is backed up with proven outcome-based solutions so you can achieve sobriety and balance in your life.

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